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Pre-Primary School

Pre-Primary: Grades RR and R

In this phase the focus is on:

·         learning through structured, creative play in a calm, caring and loving environment .

·         concrete learning - this takes place in all spheres.

·          the development of gross and fine motor skills. 

           introduction to Letterland and emergent literacy.


Pre- Primary School Sport and Cultural Activities

Please note that some of our Sport and Cultural activities are offered at an additional cost.

Pre-School (Grades RR and R)

  •       Ball skills and an introduction to Cricket and Hockey.

  •       Building muscle tone

  •       Increasing stamina

  •       Eye-hand co-ordination

  •       Teamwork, sportsmanship and giving all pupils an opportunity to participate regardless of talent.

  •       Chatterbugs (Gr RR and R)

  •        Art Club (Gr R)

  •        Drama Club (Gr R)

  •        Music: Violin (Gr R)

  •        Tennis (Gr R)