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Mission Statement

Cannons Creek Independent School is a safe community school with a Christian ethos, staffed by passionate professionals who endeavour to educate confident, trustworthy individuals who are encouraged to reach their full potential.

Welcome to Cannons Creek

Cannons Creek Independent School is a safe, community school with a Christian ethos, staffed by passionate professionals who endeavour to produce confident, trustworthy young people. In 1997, a group of like-minded individuals got together with one common goal, to establish a school with small classes and to achieve the highest scholastic standards. Teachers were appointed who would rival their peers in the dynamic field of education. Through the staff’s determination and hard work, supported by the parents and School trustees, the School has provided a platform for learners to be prepared for a combination of an excellent all-round education and life skills. Celebrating Cannons Creek’s 23rd Anniversary in February, the School is proud to have achieved these goals.

We are very proud of our Matric Class of 2019!

Class of 2018 does Cannons Creek proud!

our top achievers

Daniel Roh

Nabeela Parkar

Zoe Coss

Hyeokmin Kwon

Leah Cripps

Francesca Fitzgerald

Caitlin Barraclough

Linathi Mosala

Jenna Gray

Gretchan Menyacho

The Class of 2019 has once again done the school proud by achieving a 100% pass, a record that has been maintained since the first Matric Class of 2003. The Class of 2019 once again achieved a 100% Bachelor’s pass.

Top of the class of 2019 is Daniel Roh with an aggregate of 88,86% and 6As, followed by Nabeela Parkar with an aggregate of 88,71% % and 7As. Nabeela has requested a remark of one of her subjects so her aggregate may well be even higher. They are joined by Zoe Coss who achieved an aggregate of 85,29% and 5As, and Hyeokmin Kwon with an aggregate of 85,14% and 6As. Leah Cripps obtained an aggregate of 84% and 5 As, Francesca Fitzgerald 82% and 5 As, Caitlin Barraclough 81,86% and 4As, Linathi Mosala 80,29% and 4As. Jenna Gray just missed her A aggregate achieving 79,57% as did Gretchan Menyacho who achieved 79,43%.

Daniel has been accepted to study BSc Computer Science at Bucknell University in the USA, and Nabeela will be doing BSc Industrial Engineering at Stellenbosch University; Zoe is studying Event Coordination at the Aleit Academy, and Hyeokmin will be doing Business Science at UCT. Leah is studying toward a BSc in Polymer Science at Stellenbosch University, and Francesca towards a BSc in Astrophysics at UCT. Caitlin will be studying towards a Bachelor of Arts at UCT and is thinking of majoring in Information Systems and Media writing. Linathi will be doing a Digital Marketing course at Vega. Jenna will be doing a BA Law at Auckland University and Gretchan a BA Corporate Communications at Varsity College

Overall, the Class of 2019 achieved an average of 74,48%, the best matric average result thus far.

The Principal Mr Mike van Haght expressed his delight at the excellent results of all the 27 matriculants and wished them all the very best for the future.


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