Cannons Creek Independent School was founded in January 1997 by Mrs Carol Booth (formerly Mrs Barhouch) together with four teachers, Mrs Hazelmay Duncan, Mr Kevin Wroth, Mrs Nicola du Plooy and Ms Lesley Jacobson as a Primary, Co-educational, English-speaking Christian School. When Cannons Creek started in January 1997 it was housed in the Pinelands Club Hall, with 37 pupils and five teachers.The initial concept was to only provide a Primary school. However in 1998 there was a request from the parents for Cannons Creek to establish a High School.

In 1999 a High School was opened with Mr Mike van Haght as the Principal.

With the continued demand for places in the expanding school, it was soon realised that the School would need a building of its own. In January 1999 Cannons Creek took occupation of the land where it is currently situated, and a building was built specifically for the School. With the increasing number of pupils, and due to the growing high school, the High School building was built and opened in February 2003. Up until the end of 2011 Cannons Creek Primary and High School were housed in two buildings located alongside each other with an adjacent sports field in Nursery Way, Pinelands. On 10 February 2012, on the 15th Anniversary of Cannons Creek, the new Primary School building was officially opened. The High School then took over the old Primary School. Each of the school's buildings has been named after one of the School Houses – Peak, Lonsdale, and Riverside. On the school's 19th birthday - 11 February 2016, the Cultural Centre was inaugurated. It is a hall with a gallery and has three sound-proofed music teaching rooms; and is used for assemblies, gatherings, and cultural events. Further developments have seen an extension to the Primary School building where the Art Classroom, Computer Classroom, Primary School Library and two offices are housed. This centre, The Carol Booth Centre, is named after Mrs Carol Booth who retired as Principal in December 2017. Mrs Tracy Wahl took office as Primary School Principal in January 2018.

Some milestones:

  • In 2006 a Grade R class was started and in 2011 a Grade RR class. 

  • From 2011 the Primary School started double streaming its classes and Grades RR to 6 are now double streamed.

  • In 2015 Grade 7 became part of the High School's Middle School and double streamed in 2018.

  • The Cannons Creek Academy of Music was started in 2014 and currently has  almost 30% of all pupils taught by eight music teachers.

  • In 2019 Cannons Creek became the first school in South Africa with its own radio station.

Today, there are approximately 430 pupils and 62 staff members.

The School celebrates its Founders Day on 11th February.

Click here to listen to our Founder, Mrs Booth, speak about the early days.

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Thank you to our generous donors over the years.