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High School Subject Choices

High School: Grades 7-9 (G.E.T) 

In the Middle School we are not restricted by onerous external exams during this phase, and are able to expose our pupils to a wide range of subjects with the emphasis on enrichment rather than a narrow focus.  While it is still necessary to ensure that certain academic basics are in place, this is the phase during which your child will discover their academic strengths and interests.  This is the time when pupils’ self-confidence, self-esteem and self-understanding are enhanced and ease of transition from primary school to high school, from child to adult, is facilitated.  During this phase, pupils are encouraged to involve themselves in as much of our extramural programme as possible.

High School: Grades 10-12 (F.E.T)

In the High School our focus is two-fold.  Firstly, it is imperative that our pupils obtain the best possible matriculation results they are capable of; the world we live in demands this.  To achieve this, we provide an environment where hard work and academic rigour is the norm.  Highly qualified and experienced teachers will help your child attain his or her best in an orderly but relaxed and non-threatening atmosphere.

Our second focus is to develop well-rounded young people who are able to participate fully and positively in the society in which we live.  Without this, our first focus, i.e. results, would be without purpose.  This is achieved by offering many opportunities for young people to get involved, to have a go, to discover their strengths and weaknesses and to constantly improve on these.

 The subjects that are offered in these phases are:

·         Accounting   (F.E.T)

·         Afrikaans First Additional language (G.E.T and F.E.T)

          Afrikaans Second Additional language (F.E.T for immigrants only)

·         Computer Applications Technology (CAT) (F.E.T)

          Creative Arts: Art, Drama and Music (G.E.T)

·         Design (F.E.T)

          Dramatic Arts (F.E.T)

·         Economic and Management Sciences (EMS) (G.E.T)

·         English Home Language (G.E.T and F.E.T)

·         Geography (G.E.T and F.E.T)

          History (G.E.T and F.E.T)

·         Information Technology (IT) (F.E.T) (at SACS)

·         Junior Computer Technology (G.E.T)

·         Life Orientation (G.E.T and F.E.T)

·         Life Sciences (Biology)  (F.E.T)

·         Mathematical Literacy (F.E.T)

·         Mathematics (G.E.T and F.E.T)

·         Music (F.E.T)

·         Natural Sciences (Science and Biology)  (G.E.T)

·         Physical Sciences (Chemistry and Physics) (F.E.T)

·         Tourism (F.E.T)

·         Visual Arts (F.E.T) (at Peter Clarke Art Centre)

High School Sport

 Summer  (Terms 1 and 4)        

·        Athletics:  Term 1 only - Boys and Girls

          Cricket:  Boys only

·         Indoor Hockey: Term 1 only - Girls only

·         Softball: Girls only

·         Squash: (pre-season training only) Term 1 only - Boys and Girls

           Touch Rugby: Boys only

Winter  (Terms 2 and 3)         

 ·         Hockey: Boys and Girls

           Junior Netball - U13: Girls only        

·         Squash (league): Boys and Girls

High School Cultural Activities

·         Bands: Marimba and Rock·        

          Book club


·         Debating

          Drama Club

          First Aid

 (Christian Society)

          History Society

·         Instrumental Music Tuition

·         Interact

          Matric Dance Committee

·         Outdoor Club

·         Photographic Society

          Radio Club

          Theatre Club