The pupils of Cannons Creek are expected to:

·         Attend school every day.

·         Be punctual.

·         Work diligently.

·         Participate actively in a balanced school life.

·         Respect the property of the school and of others.

·         Be considerate in thought, word and deed.

·         Be honest, trustworthy and reliable.

·         Wear their school uniform correctly, with pride and maintain a good general appearance.

·         Support the school, uphold its traditions and encourage others to do the same.

·         Respect themselves and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

·         Accept responsibility for their actions.

·         Respect the rights of others.

·         Uphold the ethos of the Cannons Creek family.
Should you wish for a copy of either the Primary and/or High School Code of Conduct documents, we request that you contact either Mrs Tracy Wahl for the Primary School or Mr Mike van Haght for the High School.

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