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Cannons Creek Independent School is a safe, community school with a Christian ethos, staffed by passionate professionals who endeavour to produce confident, trustworthy young people. In 1997, a group of like-minded individuals got together with one common goal, to establish a school with small classes and to achieve the highest scholastic standards. Teachers were appointed who would rival their peers in the dynamic field of education. Through the staff’s determination and hard work, supported by the parents and School trustees, the School has provided a platform for learners to be prepared for a combination of an excellent all-round education and life skills. Having celebrated Cannons Creek’s 18th Anniversary, the School is proud to have achieved these goals.

From the desk of the Founder Principal (Carol Booth formerly Barhouch)

The concept of an intimate school with small classes where children could experience the fun side of education whilst still doing the syllabus with lateral teaching came into being with the founding of Cannons Creek. The teachers were carefully selected to ensure that they would teach using the ethos of the school –encouraging and fostering each child’s potential and strength, and respecting each child’s individuality. As much as possible, education had to be taught using hands-on experiences, which children remember more readily. Formal teaching would then follow and pupils would learn various studying methods ending in tests and examinations. The concept was to take the ‘fear’ out of being educated and to put “fun” back into the classroom.

I am proud to say that we have managed this with teachers being given the freedom to teach, using all sorts of tools and methodologies resulting in the children having fun. The emphasis is placed on praising pupils’ work and effort, rather than concentrating on weaknesses.  The concept of responsibility is encouraged. Respect for each other has been a focal point and this has worked well with each pupil learning how to fit in, not only with the classroom work ethic, but also being taught to manage their time well in preparation for entering High School and later, the business world.

The other value that Cannons Creek has embraced is that of honesty, and we are proud to say that our history reflects that this can be taught. We have also embraced all the aspects of what makes a rounded child and so have included Academics, as well as Arts and Sports in the educational process.

Quite simply, our pupils are proof that we have all the necessary ingredients; in that not only have they achieved here at Cannons Creek, but once they have completed their school career with us they have been very successful later in life.

From the desk of the High School Founder Principal (Mike van Haght)

The success of Cannons Creek is due to a healthy combination of Christian-based values, our co-educational approach, excellent teaching and a family-like spirit. Pupils look forward to coming to school in the mornings because Cannons Creek is a place of belonging, of security, of happiness – and a place where young people are challenged to attain their full potential. At Cannons Creek we believe that every pupil is an individual with special talents that need to be discovered, explored and developed.  We achieve this via a number of approaches.  Firstly, we offer a wide range of subjects, taught by experienced teachers in small class groups.  Secondly, pupils are encouraged to participate and compete in a diverse selection of sport played at a competitive level.  Thirdly we offer a broad mix of cultural and service activities that should cater for the tastes of all. Numerous opportunities exist for pupils to excel in all areas.  That is the essence of Cannons Creek - opportunities to excel - opportunities that would possibly not present themselves as readily in a large school.  At Cannons Creek no one goes unnoticed.

Pupils who attend Cannons Creek will be afforded every opportunity to make a success of their lives through the absorption of sound values and outstanding skills.  Our pupils understand that while it is not possible for everyone to be the best, it is essential to do your best.  We hope that you will consider Cannons Creek as a serious option for your child’s education. 

                                       Cannons Creek Mission Statement:

 Cannons Creek Independent School is a safe community school with a Christian ethos, staffed by passionate professionals who endeavour to educate confident, trustworthy individuals who are encouraged to reach their full potential.


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Special Achievers


Tegan Gibaud (Gr 8) danced in her first ballroom dancing competition on 1 March at the Muizenberg Civic Centre.  She and her partner, Dale, came first in their section (Junior 2, Level 2).  Well done Tegan!  Tegan is on the right of the photo below.

Tegan Gibaud

Our swimming star, Huda Abrahams (Gr 11), once again did us proud at the Jack Currie Championships.  Huda won 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.

We had another pupil competing in the Jack Currie Championships who also did us proud.  Daniel Redelinghuys (Gr 10) made the finals in all 8 events that he entered into and got a medal for each race.  He won 1 gold, 2 silver and 5 bronze medals. 

Huda AbrahamsDaniel Redelinghuys

Congratulations to Abigail Goldstein, Nawaal Harris and Caitlin Groves who received various awards from theDynamic Rhythmic Gymnastics Club. Abigail received a trophy for Exemplary Gymnast and Nawaal received a trophy for Most Dedicated Gymnast. Caitlin was awarded an Certificate of  Excellence.


 Noah and Felix Melunsky participated in the SAJCC (South African Junior Chess Championship) 2014 that was held in Kimberley in January 2015. Noah played for the Western Province under 12 team, and they were awarded the trophy for 2nd place (B section). Felix played for the Western Province under 10 team, and they received the trophy for 3rd place. The SAJCC is the highlight of the year for junior chess players, with around 2 000 players competing, representing their provinces in teams of 10 players. It was a lot of hard work for the boys but also a lot of fun!

Noah and FelixSAJCC Kimberley

Congratulations to all our stars!


WP Hockey Representatives 2014

WP Hockey representatives 2014 - Primary and High School

Cannons Creek Primary School 2014 Provincial Representatives:

WP Zonal Softball:

Danai Narker

Isabella Tarantello
Serena Tarantello

Yunseo Kim

Emily Franklin

WP Chess:

Felix Melunsky

Noah Melunsky

WP Zonal Hockey:

Lea Marmarellis

Colin Clancy

Thomas Schroeder

Ross Goodall

WP Transplant Games:

Kyle Southworth

WP Waterpolo

Lea Marmarellis - WP U13 B Girls

Brandon Leonard - WP U13 A Boys

Reece Sheldon - WP  U13A Boys

Thomas Schroeder  - WP U13A Boys

Cannons Creek High School National and Provincial Representatives 2014

SA Synchronised Swimming:

HS  SA Synchronised Swimming 2014Tatum-Leigh Petersen

SA Figure Skating:

HS  SA Ice-skating 2014Jade Carels

SA Karate KSI Shoku Kai

James WhiteJames White

WP Hockey

 Dylan Stevens

Mika-eel Ally

Calvin Hammond

Cameron Beckett

Moletlo Somo

 WP Softball

HS WP Softball 2014Nina Dearham

WP Waterpolo

Cameron Beckett



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To reach Cannons Creek, take the Pinelands turn off from the N2 (either Exit 10B from the airport or Exit 9 from the city) and travel down Forest Drive. Shortly after the traffic lights at the BP Service Station, turn right into The Crescent (second road to the right from the BP). Travel down The Crescent and when you see the school buildings on the left take that road left and then turn into Nursery Way. If travelling from Howards Centre turn left into The Crescent (directional sign on Forest Drive). In both instances you will find Cannons Creek on the left about 500m down the road.

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Cannons Creek Academy of Music

Cannons Creek Academy of Music

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